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Excitante Caza de Gansos, Patos, Perdices y Palomas, en el sud oeste de la provincia de Buenos Aires. Alojamiento de lujo.
Site in Spanish, reviewed on 25/3/2020

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Since 1982, the David Denies family of lodges has delivered Argentina’s many hunting treasures to sportsmen from around the world. From doves and pigeon hunting in Cordoba to ducks and perdiz outside of Buenos Aires plus mixed-bag sport in Uruguay
Site in English, reviewed on 25/3/2020

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Private Lodges in Córdoba. Argentina Wingshooting Report. Trips beyond your imagination. Córdoba doves are the most wanted product to have among your trips
Site in English, reviewed on 25/3/2020

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Revista de caza, pesca y náutica de la provincia de Córdoba
Site in Spanish, reviewed on 25/3/2020

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